What do you think of when you see this picture?


Ignoring the half-smile of my model, what do you see in this picture? What does that make you think?

The above is my original photo, completely unaltered, as I took it. To give some context, Simone – the female model -, is being held by Sam – the male model -, a man she just met. Sam is a friend of mine from another class that was helping out. So the smile is more of awkward amusement than intention.

Ignoring this, look at the next iteration, where the image has been cropped, brighten, blurred in parts, and text has been added and skewed to match the bench:img_0952-class-edit

Does the text match that vibes you were getting from the picture?

In staging the photo, I had an idea in mind that Simone was being dragged away from her phone, and she responded like it was her child and she just couldn’t leave it alone in this cruel, dark world. It can’t fend for itself; it needs her.
Or does she need it? That is the message I wanted to convey: dependence on technology, namely our mobile phones. It’s sweeping the nation, and it seems to be contagious. If you’re in a group of friends all on their phones, you’re naturally going to pull yours out too. The word ‘natural’ is eery to use. It’s now a ‘natural’ response to pull out a device we weren’t born with and didn’t have growing up. We probably didn’t even have this model or brand a year or two ago, but now it clings to our body – hip or hand – capturing our attention at all hours of the day, and night.

Without explanation, I felt like that image wasn’t clear enough, so I made another attempt:


Mm, that one is worse. So overdramatic.

Let’s try again:


In this iteration, I had trouble skewing the text because of the slant of the higher planks of the bench. So I broke the text up into two boxes. It still isn’t quite right. I think the different colour and fonts take away from the impact. There aren’t keywords that stand out more on their own than altogether that help to convey my message.

In fact, I think I like the first alteration the best after all, just for its simplicity.


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