A3 Draft One



BEHOLD! Above are the image drafts for the final assessment. The top will be Image A and the bottom will be Image B.

I have used Access/Divide as my inspiration for both images. These are quite rough images.

Image A is a person sitting, “plugged in”. They have cables coming out of them that will eventually go to devices of all shapes and sizes. They have great access, but are they switched on to the world? There will be a person next to them who is not “plugged in” and the person will be perplexed at the one who is plugged in. I’m not sure what to have the caption be yet, but something along of the lines of being plugged in and switched on. The subtext being that being online is not all there is to life. I have given the image a gradient background going from a dark grey to white. The dark grey represents the nocturnal state of a lot of the people who are addicted to technology and how it takes us out of the sunlight and into unnaturally lit, or dark rooms. The cables have blue around them that I want to give a glowing effect to but am yet to experiment with that.


Image B has a man with sun-kissed skin holding a spear or weapon, and a pale man holding a phone. I haven’t drawn the eyes yet, mostly because I’m not good at drawing and need to work out how to get them to look in the direction I want. The eyes of the man with the spear will be looking at the phone, and as the text reads, “How are you going to catch dinner with that?” implying our reliance on such devices may be our downfall, should there be a worldwide network failure or disturbance. I like the concept of this image a lot because I think it is open to debate and I would love to hear peoples thoughts on it. However, my delivery definitely needs work. I have handwritten the text so far to match the image, but I may yet take a photo instead if I can’t achieve what I’m hoping for in other ways.


Both images were constructed from a blank canvas using a wacom tablet to draw and are 100% my own drawings.


Stay tuned for more.


One thought on “A3 Draft One

  1. Hi Yvie!

    I think Image A is a really strong image. The colour contrast between blue cables and grey background, and the way the cables look kind of like IV tubes, creates a really clear visual representation of the idea that our dependence on technology has become almost a physical need. However I think with just one figure in the image you will struggle to get the access/divide idea across. Maybe you could have the wires build a kind of cage around the plugged in person, and then have another figure trying to get in?

    For Image B I really like your idea but I think you could make the connection between text and image stronger by changing the image to something like the guy with the spear is hunting an animal while the phone is trying to take a selfie with it? That way I think the impact of technological dependence might be clearer.

    Matilda ☺


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