A3 Draft Two

After consulting with Stephen, we decided it would look MUCH better to have taken photos of people. Drawing is not my strong suit. The above are my models for the image below (the second one from Draft One).


As you can see I still have some bits to clear up. I have taken out the background of each image so I can create my own background to fit the context.


Next, the spear and text were added. I used the colour picker to choose the text to match the spear to highlight that the use of tools was the important part of the image, not so much the figure holding them. Spear from: http://703-org-network.wikia.com/wiki/File:The_Spear_Of_Despair.jpg (see full reference below).untitled-2-v3

Following the addition of the spear, I wanted to hide the figures. It doesn’t matter what either figures skin colour, size, body shop, or wardrobe were – they were just symbolic of people. I wanted to emphasise the humanoid shape rather than any other feature, so I experimented with photoshop’s filters. The above is Emboss. However, I’m not thrilled with this one. The people look robotic, or more like Han Solo in the carbonite fridge. I will keep trying. Big things to come here.


This was the first image from Draft One.

I have inserted models in place of the drawings and the second person is there now. I used an outer glow to get the seated model to glow blue. To do the eyes, I used to quick selector tool and selected one eye at a time and made it a new layer via copy. I then placed those above the model in the layer hierarchy and also added an outer glow to each. To match the background I darkened the entire seated model. The shirt was still a big bright and green, which detracted from the effect I wanted, so I made the figure grayscale. Great, one done, one to go. My next step will be to take photos of the devices I want to add in around the seated figure, add text as Crystal suggested, and change the standing figure to match the image as required.

Stay tuned.



fandom.wikia.com 2016, The Spear Of Despair.jpg, wikia USA, viewed 16 October 2016, <http://703-org-network.wikia.com/wiki/File:The_Spear_Of_Despair.jpg>


One thought on “A3 Draft Two

  1. Hi Yvie

    This is a fantastic idea to represent a digital world. You show your project clearly to readers step by step. Also, your images have good framing and composition. I love your images background as it is really simple and clear, which can make readers directly focus on your key point and increase the overall conceptual clarity.

    However, there are some comments for you. Firstly, you can add more information to represent what you want to express, because some of readers may confuse what is the key idea of your work. Secondly, you can type several simple words inside your first image as reader can understand the image directly when they see it. Thirdly, you can describe the inspiration of your idea.

    I hope this has helped.



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