A3 Draft Three – The final chapter

Alas, this will be my last post.

To continue off of Draft Two, I have found a filter that works for the first image. See below:


I used the noise filter for each of the images. I also forgot to add in my last post that to place the spear in the image to seem like it was being held, I had to select the front part of the hand of the figure using the quick selector tool and again, make a new layer via copy. Just in case you are wondering why I choose layer via copy instead of layer via cut, it is because layer via copy creates a copy of the selection and places it above the original in the layer hierarchy, consequently leaving a flawless edit. Layer via cut, cuts out the selection, and I have found that there are sometimes gaps this way. Also, if I have selected too much and need to trim the copy, I can do that while keeping the original underneath to fill in the gaps I erase – layer via cut would be that section is lost.

Now, back to the filter: I chose to leave the tools out of the filter this time to again, highlight that they are the focus of the image, not the people using them. However, I wanted to still show the figure on the left (henceforth known as Figure 1) looking down and that his eyes on the device of the figure on the right (now Figure 2). So I made a new layer via copy of the head of Figure 2 before applying the noise filter and lessened the intensity for the head layer – I tried it with just the eyes first, but it looked more like a noise mask with eye holes and new crimefighting hero had been born which is not at all the impression I wanted to give.

And all that is left is to add the background. I wanted a natural looking landscape so that Figure 2’s caption made more sense. If it were a city landscape, the first comment would have been, “with deliveroo ya *********” – insert insult of choice. The natural landscape would hopefully leave a little bit to the imagination. Perhaps they are entering a post-apocalyptic world where phones are useless. Maybe they got lost hiking and now the guy who brought his phone is going to have to bargain to be able to eat. The possibilities of scenarios are wide and vast. And that’s what I want my images to do; I want them to make people think. I want them to think about technology in particular. Is it be all and end all of your life? What if you didn’t have it? Or, if you don’t have it, could it be of use to you? (I guess if you don’t have access to the internet you won’t see this post and be none the wiser though).

To help line up where I wanted the background to go, I had to work out where I wanted to figures to be standing within the frame. I did this in the old school way of 3D lines from year 2:


And to skip forward to the final image. BEHOLD!


I would have loved a cow or sheep in the background to represent “dinner”, but couldn’t find one in the right setting. I then had to use outer glow to the text to make it stand out against the background and reposition the images a bit to get them to better compliment each other.



——————— Intermission ————————



Woohoo! The image is coming together! I took pictures of all the devices I had in my room. Horrendous, right?! Maybe the model sitting down should have been me. Anyway, I used outer glow on each of the devices which were on their own layer. I then created a new blank layer where I drew in the cables and added the same outer glow to that layer. I put the “cables” layer underneath the seated figure and the devices, because otherwise it looked like the cables sat in front of everything rather than being connected to them.

The next change was adjusting the colour overlay of the standing figure (who by the way is poking the seated figure to see if they are alive/conscious/human). I wanted to make it look as though they were being lit up by the glow of devices so I added Cyan and Blue to the midtones and highlights and left the shadows alone.



The green shirt was an issue again, so I went back and made the figure grayscale and then readded the colour overlay. And then the text came. I wanted something catchy and simple to make the view reflect on the figure that is “plugged in”. Again outer glow was applied to the text.

I then fiddled with text placement, colour and size. I also got distracted by the reflection of myself in the tv and the white doona that was highlighted, so I darkened the tv until it was reflection was barely visible. And, VIOLA!


Thanks for sticking with me through this journey of creation, manipulation, and discovery.


One thought on “A3 Draft Three – The final chapter

  1. Hi Yvie,

    Your images look fantastic! The level of technical precision in both of them is really impressive – I never would have noticed the things you mentioned like how you framed the figures in the first image or how you had to darken the reflection on the TV in the second, but the result are two really clean, professional looking images. (And thanks also for the tip about layering – I’ve been using layer via cut but I’m going to try layer via copy now that you’ve explained the difference!)

    In image 1 I think your choice of background was spot on. The combination of the noise filter and the remote, country landscape made me think that maybe the figures were aliens, which I think links really nicely to the post-apocalyptic idea you presented, and also effectively conveys your idea about technology rendering you incapable of productively interacting with your surrounds. I also liked how even the font you picked for the text looked kind of like it was made of twigs, as that just continued the contrast between nature and technology.

    For image 2 I liked that you used the same model for both figures (or at least I thought it looked like the same person) because it made the ‘plugged in’ figure look like a clone of the other, which I think created a really interesting alternative reading that not only is our obsession with technology is leading to us creating a whole raft of new identities, but that these avatars might have the capability to think and function for themselves. I also like how you used the blue overlay on the greyscale standing figure – it made the image look much cleaner and also emphasised the connection between the two figures.

    Great work! You’ve earned yourself a fabulous holiday! Xx


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